Who, how and why- Fuck Mr. Hatcher was created?

What was going through the Creator's mind and in his life?

The Fuck Mr. Hatcher game, was created by Pavel Lubanski back in 2008, when he was learning about animation and programming in College. Pavel Lubanski created his own website and cult following, called Junkyard Animations, where he would showcase animations, games, rap songs and music videos that he created himself. Most of his cartoons and games were raunchy and weird, but because of their shock value, they stood out and some of his content even went viral.

Pavel Lubanski was mostly just dicking around, trying to create choose-your-own adventure games that stood out. He was bored with the typical options that simulation, dating, multiple choice, and point-n-click games offered. None of these games really offered same-gender sex scenarios either, so Pavel decided to create his own. He wanted to offer outrageous options with no fucks given!

The first game he ever made was called, 'Don't Be Late For Work' in 2006, and he started and finished it in 17 straight hours. On a Friday, his classmate Matt showed him basic point and click programming. Pavel was so excited, he went straight home and started fucking around with scenarios of a boy being approached in an alley by 3 thugs, giving the user ridiculous options to choose from like; peeing on the bullies, getting naked and even bursting out in spontaneous song. From 2pm Friday, he finished the game at 7am on Saturday and crashed hard. He uploaded it on Monday and showed it to his classmates. The game was popular amongst his classmates and friends, but it didn't really get many plays or views in the long run.

Nevertheless, Pavel was just having fun creating his ideas. He went on to create 11 more games in 2007, along with 74 cartoons. His game, 'Attack Of The Giant Penises', which was released on August 28th 2007, has over 1.27 million plays on Newgrounds.com. One of his characters, the 'Awkward Guy', became a fan favourite and a mini meme, but never really spread virally. Several cartoons he created that year however, received over half a million views on Newgrounds alone and were spread to hundreds of other websites. Two notable cartoon series's that Pavel created, were called 'Litterbug' and 'Blown Out Of Proportion' (which was pitched to the Comedy Network and rejected after thoughtful consideration).

Pavel was both overwhelmed and confused. He was getting consistent traffic on his website, new signs ups and fan mail daily, but he knew the quality of his content was crap and rushed. He made these games and cartoons for fun, and he had so many ideas, that he was intentionally rushing them out in hopes that some production company would pick him up and reproduce everything in high quality. However, seeing some of his content go viral, really motivated him to continue on solo. Within the first 3 years of his website being live, 25 000 Junkyard fans had signed up, and the website received 2.39 million hits

In 2008, he made Fuck Mr. Hatcher in less than a week, however it was the only game he completed that year. This is how the game's idea actually started- Pavel's classmates had created a website called YouRant, where users would vent and rant about work or school. Pavel loved to troll, so he'd intentionally come up with twisted confessions and submit them. His classmates kept deleting the comments, so Pavel decided to put them into his own content. And so, Dan's "journal" was born. Pavel claims the characters ended up developing themselves and the game just came into his head. Before he knew it, it had been uploaded, front paged on Newgrounds, had it's buzz for a few weeks, then died for 9 years.

He followed up Fuck Mr. Hatcher, with 'Take A Piss' and 'Choose To Be An Asshole', but never finished the games, because his software was shit and kept crashing because he made the games way too lengthy. Pavel felt as if he didn't have the resources or software, to keep up with his mind. By the time he'd start a game, he'd already have 10 new games and 20 new cartoons drafted up. This was extremely discouraging and he went on to end the year with hundreds of files of incomplete projects, mostly consisting of cartoons, games and songs.

In 2009, Google Adsense permanently banned their ads from the Junkyard Animations website, which was the website's main source of income. The website was too crude and it violated their terms. Pavel was forced to do freelance jobs and work for other people to make ends meet, which took his focus away from the Junkyard. Two months after the Google Adsense ban, YouTube banned and deleted the Junkyard Animations channel, where Pavel lost all 969 subscribers and lost a big part of his heart :( The dagger in the heart was when Aniboom went on as well to delete all of Pavel Lubanski's cartoons from their site, even though they had recently featured his 'Viagra' and 'STD's' cartoons, as the top rated cartoons on their site and offered him a contract for a mobile phone deal which fell through. It was almost like a big conspiracy, the way all these major platforms shut down Junkyard Animations one by one, except for Newgrounds, who has always stayed true to the Junkyard.

You can still find all of those games and cartoons created by Pavel Lubanski of Junkyard Animations on Newgrounds, with all of their original comments, ratings and views.

If you want to continue reading about what happened with Junkyard Animations and Pavel Lubanski from 2009 until now, you'll have to wait until I finish the story :P