What Makes A Viral Video?

Has to be ORIGINAL! Has to be IMPACTFUL! The video has to be addicting or leave an impact on the viewer. The point is for them to feel something and rewatch it and share the video to see their friend's, family and other people's reactions. It needs to be engaging off the bat, have the viewer already questioning it. Has to STAND OUT! Things to add; weird, random, hilarious, stupid, controversial, lots of hidden little things/details in the video that the users will go back to look for. It can never lose the audiences attention, once there's a lull or a joke that's not delivered.

Junkyard Animations is responsible for creating a few cartoon animations and games that have gone viral. Based off the recent buzz of their game Fuck Mr. Hatcher, the Creator Pavel Lubanski has decided to study other viral videos and do some research to capitalize on the opportunity. As he learns tips and strategies, he'll post them here and they can possible help you out.

Below are the most weird viral videos that Pavel Lubanski enjoyed and studied.

A lot of people parody viral videos, and we're guilty of doing the same. But the fact remains, the parody will never get more hits than the original. If you parody a viral video your intention should either be;

1. For SEO purposes - If people search the viral video, your video might show up based off relevance and keywords.

Like I did when Fuck Mr. Hatcher became popular. I released a YouTube video called Fuck Mr. Hatcher Creator and this website FuckMrHatcher.com and they received tens of thousands of views based off people looking for Mr. Hatcher in search engines. How'd you find this site?

2. To please their fans - People love pop culture and parodies, satires/ making fun of celebrities or people buzzing on social/in the news. So, if you make a parody of a viral video it's just so your fans know you're staying on top of things and have a good sense of humor poking fun at these 15-minute-of-fame hot shots.

This should always be fun by the way. If it ever becomes stressful, or you start sweating while you're editing or creating the video, then you're doing it wrong. Take a break, have a beer or smoke a joint and relax. Watch a few videos below and analyze. Are they funny or entertaining? Why am I drawn towards these characters? What the fuck is actually going on?


How to not fail/ how to capitalize when your video goes viral!

Don't JUST celebrate! People get so excited when they see their video approach 1 million views, and once it hits that sucker, it's party time. If you're not monetizing off the video, you need to read this. If you're hosting the video on YouTube or wherever, make sure you enable ads to monetize! If you don't care about the cash right away (like us. we believe in gathering a fan base, connecting with our audience, understanding what they want, then delivering as well as trying to monetize) then still don't JUST celebrate!

DON'T BUY INTO THAT '15 MINUTES OF FAME' BULLSHIT! I've turned my 15 minutes of game, into 15 days of fame, ongoing to almost 15 years of fame. Just Google Pavel Lubanski or Junkyard Animations and you'll see the buzz and achievements. Anyways, I'm here to help you not brag haha. If you had one video go viral, you are capable of having another one go viral and another. But DON'T overthink it! Don't make some shitty ass sequel with quick thought put into it, make a few more short quick videos, see feedback and eventually that great idea will come to you for the next viral video. You'll know what that comes, you can't force it. The below cartoons I made, and the ideas came to me just before I fell asleep high on pain killers. I never actually sat down, and thought of these cartoons and wrote them down. Everybody's different though, receptors like me have ideas pour into our head. Some people think of them themselves.