What Is Fuck Mr.Hatcher?

Fuck Mr. Hatcher is an old school Newgrounds game from 2008, that is going viral now, because of Game Grumps. It's a game about a boy who wants to have sex with his best friend's Dad. The game was featured recently in a Youtube video, posted by Game Grumps on February 24th 2017, and already has over 1 million views as of today, March 21st.

 "Fuck Mr. Hatcher is a game that is legit lit as shit! It's gone viral and taking the World by a shit storm.. you person reading this, and hi :) Thanks for reading this by the way <3" - New York Thyme

 To join the Buzz, you can Tweet along with the hundreds of ppl Tweeting: "Fuck Mr. Hatcher" and "F*ck Mr. Hatcher".


Or hop on Reddit and read the Fuck Mr. Hatcher threads, or check out the videos on YouTube as others are playing the game and enjoying themselves. 

The only question is, have you fucked Mr. Hatcher? >;)

(Read about why and how the Creator made Fuck Mr. Hatcher).