Off-Guard Friday's With Finfante

Finfante is the Junkyard Censorer. Watch him as he re-watches all of the old school extremely vulgar JYA content, as he decides if it should be scrapped entirely, re-made and up-uploaded or just left alone.


Finfante got The Junkyard Crew's attention when he made his own, 'let's play' video, of Fuck Mr.Hatcher. Fuck Mr.Hatcher is a viral, choose-your-own-adventure game, created by Pavel Lubanski and the Junkyard Animations Team. Fuck Mr.Hatcher was featured on YouTube, GameGrumps and Newgrounds, so pretty much any YouTuber reviewing it, turned to Gold.

Pavel reached out thanking him for the review and Finfante proactively made a few trailers for Pavel and his newer content. This impressed Pavel and he, unlike others, took a chance with his 10 yeared younger American mustachioed brotherin'.

Finfante is now labelled as the Junkyard Censorer and Video Editor, meaning he needs to make sure all of the content is appropriate and meets strict guidelines. Many Junkyard Animations accounts have been permanently disabled and banned from many platforms, so they are being extra cautious with their re-branding and resurrection.

Finfante makes trailers, acceptable for the general public, like Foreskin Fun with Dan and Fuck Up Mr.Hatcher's Stalker. He creates these to hype up new content, as well as re-watches the old school JYA content, to see if it should be scrapped entirely, re-made and up-uploaded or just left alone.

Pavel's polished turds as they call them.

The majority of Junkyard Animation's fans are located in the U.S., so Finfante is our JYA American contact. He helps educate us to learn about our target audience and what they want!!