More Games By Pavel Lubanski

More games from the Fuck Mr. Hatcher era and from the Fuck Mr. Hatcher Creator!

Point-and-Click Games

















Escape The Room Games
The Creator of Fuck Mr. Hatcher created a series of shitty escape the room games to troll fans.



Unfinished Games... the Creator, Pavel Lubanski, started many games he never completed. He'll upload screen captures of a few and maybe if you guys want, he'll finish them :)

"Choose To Be An Asshole"

An action adventure series, where you point-and-click a kid around town choosing his fate. You can go around intentionally pissing people off, or helping them out and bringing a smile to their face. Pavel made the game too large and the file kept crashing his computer, so he gave up on the game.




"Take A Piss"

A guy really needs to take a piss at the bar before his bladder explodes, but the washroom has a line up to wazoo. Find a good place to whizz inside the bar without being caught. Pavel lost interest in the game and tried focusing on a Comedy Central pitch. They turned down his pilot :( 

"Geoffrey's Quest II"

Geoffrey is still being held hostage on the island of kidnappers. Try to find your fiance and escape the island by brutally murdering the criminal fuckers. Pavel upgraded to FlashCS5 and it kept glitching his programming, so he couldn't complete the game.