More Fuck Mr. Hatcher Games

Fuck Mr. Hatcher computer games;

As of now, there is only one flash game from 2008, titled 'Fuck Mr. Hatcher'. However, Pavel Lubanski found a bunch of old files on his harddrive from College with incomplete Hatcher scripts, ideas and games. He's currently working on more. Tell us what you want and we will deliver!!

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Fuck Mr. Hatcher 2 (The Sequel)

We will NOT be making a Fuck Mr. Hatcher sequel UNLESS, Dan and Arin from Game Grumps agree to do voices for it, so Tweet at them to do so!

New Mr. Hatcher Game (Title Coming Soon)

Pavel Lubanski is creating a new Mr. Hatcher game with Dan and Mr. Hatcher. It's supposed to be a lot more violent and have a lot more crazy options.


There are currently no available Apps.


New Game Updates: 

We are creating a Fuck Mr. Hatcher App (HD), with alternate endings and more multiple choice options! (More commentary from the Sportscaster).

We are creating new mobile Apps and browser games of Fuck Mr. Hatcher. Below are a few ideas;