Froggy Cop

Froggy Cop is the new bad ass bitch in town...

The Junkyard just got a bit sexier.. and even more powerful, as Froggy Cop storms in shooting shit up.. really coming in with a bang! ;) She'll make her first appearance in an animated segment titled, The Deviant, which will be part of a Canadian Horror Anthology titled Monster Pool 3. Froggy Cop is set to next appear in an online game called, "Get Dan's Testicles Back!", where Dan's Mom goes on a choose-your-own-adventure trying to retrieve her son's nuts.

Hi everybody.. I'm Froggy Cop! Brap brap!! I am one bad ass bitch here to investigate the uttermost worst crimes, like hardcore rapes and sexually agressive assaults.. that are very sexual. So fucking sexual!

I am strong, confident, independent and have massive honkers. I use my motorboating tit skills, to distract weak-minded people as I teach them lessons. Flaunt around with my swag you powerful fucker!!  <3



Leaving herself as anonymous for now... the voice actress for Froggy Cop, is a talented, versatile actress and model, who's a stand-in for Jennifer Lawrence and Naomi Watts.

Contact the voice actress for work - @imrealfroggycop