Foreskin Fun with Dan

10 years later, the Fuck Mr. Hatcher sega continues with this new installment...

June 30th, 2017 released, online point-n-click game, titled 'Foreskin Fun with Dan', involves the 'Fuck Mr. Hatcher' characters, Dan, Mr. Hatcher and the Awkward Man. Although this is not Fuck Mr.Hatcher 2, it is the next installment in the series. Dan had to get a mission accomplished first before trying to tend to Hatcher's ass.

The game was front paged on Newgrounds 3 days after release, receiving almost 10 000 plays within a week, reaching just over 15 000 plays in 10 days! Multiple YouTubers have now started filming their own reaction videos and time-to-beats (videos linked below).

The game starts off with Dan agreeing to a promise he made to his Twitter Followers, which was, if he managed to get 1000 Followers on Twitter, he'd peel his penis's foreskin back so far, all the way down his shaft, way past his nutsack, pushing past his pelvis, until his testicles fell out from inside him. A disgusting, vivid graphic thought, that only an of aged blond boy could think of.

This Newgrounds featured game, introduces a few new faces to the cast, including Dan's bird Oopty Loo, his Mom Denise, his Mom's man-friend Mister Ginger, his Mom's old ass friend Mrs.Biich, a dude with stumps in the sewer and a hostage that Dan performs constant edging with and a wee bit of gentle ass-play.

Not thinking he was that popular, he received 1700 Followers in less than 2 months and had to go through with his promise. In the game you get to control Dan as he shits his pants, fights old ladies, burps in his Mom's mouth and if you get lucky, gets to peel his foreskin back until his balls fall out.

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