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Newgrounds.com (Most popular Flash Animation website on the internet. Averages 14 million views per month).

Fuck Mr. Hatcher was originally submitted to Newgrounds, and Newgrounds featured it on the homepage of their website. The game itself has over 230 000 plays on the website.

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Game Grumps (Popular YouTube Channel with over 3.7 million subscribers. The hosts film themselves playing and commenting on games).

Game Grumps recently played Fuck Mr. Hatcher and uploaded a video of them playing to YouTube. The video has well over 1 million views, in only 1 months time, and is the reason Fuck Mr. Hatcher has been put on the Internet's map.

Since it's new exposure, the Fuck Mr. Hatcher game received over 60 000 new plays, other YouTuber's are now filming themselves playing it and uploading it, and there's a bit of a stir on Twitter and Reddit. Just search F*ck Mr. Hatcher or Fuck Mr. Hatcher.


TSN1200 (Local sports radio, used to be called The Team1200).

Remember the voice of the hockey commentator in Fuck Mr. Hatcher? "He shoots he SCAAAAAAAAARES!!". Welp, in the same voice, Pavel Lubanski would record himself singing hockey songs and playing the kazoo and submit them to the radio. They got consistent airtime and the hosts would make fun of the songs. People hated the songs so much, that once The Team1200 became more corporate and rebranded itself as TSN1200, they gradually stopped palying Pavel's songs and started ignoring his submission!

They did get quite the buzz, and you can find the clips on YouTube.


MTV Live (A TV show hosted by Daryn Jones, Nicole Holness and Paul Lemieux).

When Pavel Lubanski was really trying to get exposure, he tried getting attention by making more pop culture animations. When MTV Live had coined the term 'Bieber My Balls', Pavel quickly made a little dinky animation and it was featured on the MTV Live website.

They also enjoyed and shared his Jersey Shore parody of former contestant Angelina Pivarnick.