Do You Score?

#Leadership #HockeyFun

Do you take control and shoot the puck? 

Are you clutch?? .. Do you pass it on the tape!?

Live the action! Control the action!!

Our Featured Clutch Player of the Century!! Daniel Alfredsson 

Sens Captain Daniel Alfredsson scores the Overtime Game 5 Playoff Game Winner and sends the Senators to the Stanley Cup Final.

Sens Captain Daniel Alfredsson scores in the final minute of an elimination playoff game, shorthanded, to keep the Sens hopes alive.

Daniel Alfredsson gets 7 points in 1 game against the Tampa Bay Lightning

Daniel Alfredsson scores the 1st ever shootout goal in NHL history

Crowd Chanting for their beloved Hero

Bar Crowd Energized in the City

Score With Mr. Hatcher!