Current Projects

Our current windows of opportunity and pandoras boxes;) of possibilities!

Fucking Mr. Hatcher!

Besides giving the Animator an awkward rep at work, this game's resurfacing went viral pretty quickly! It was featured on the Game Grumps YouTube channel in February of 2017. The video cleared half a million views it's first weekend. It sits over 3.2 million views, averaging 1 million new views per year and 30 000 new likes.

Transit System is Awkward in our City!

We've been summoned as the Chief Marketer for IG that runs the Occasional Transpo Twitter account. We'll create illustrations, comics and publications mocking the errors with our transportation system.

Gym intimidation, anxiety and awkwardness!

We're working with PizzaGym to target the gym culture online and make it more welcoming and comfortable for those that have frictions regarding it.

Cannabis Awareness with HITitBUD Inc.

Marijuana went legal in Canada on our birthday, October 17th. However, there was shit PSA's, adverts and commercials released for the use of it. They then legalized edibles the following year on the same day, October 17th. They want edibles to look like fucking erasers... We have just taken it upon ourselves after having engaging and thorough discussions with regular users and physicians, and researching and studying the green stuff:)