Capo On Cam

Stay up late and have beers with Capo, as he organizes, categorizes and reacts to raunchy videos for Junkyard Animations. Feel his pain.

Capo on Cam is a web series about an orange afro'd miserable fuck, named Mike Capo, who's been put to the daunting task, yet described as an exciting opportunity by the CEO of an Animation company, to rewatch, organize and tag all of the videos into categories. Gradually slipping deep into depression, Capo copes with the raunchy content by drinking himself silly and making fun of his boss behind his back.
The audience is asked to join and watch Capo, while he organizes videos and reacts to them. They are pretty much 'Let's plays' and 'Real reaction' videos. So, grab a beer or some type of substance ;) and watch the trailer; 

Mike 'Capo' is a friend and coworker of Pavel, and he has been hired on for a large amount of stickers and potential equity in the company (0.01%), to organize, categorize, tag and filter, all of the animated content.

Capo sees it as being put to a shitty, petrifying task, but Pavel calls it, "an exciting opportunity". What an honour to be a human filing cabinet!! :)

Capo stays up late, drinking beers, watching the videos, reacting to them and ranting about his life on camera. We call these, "Tipsy Tangents". If you want to just zone out of reality and watch someone else's pain, these are the best videos. Plus you get to see some fucked up raunchy ass shit!

This is the first actual webisode, I guess you could call it, of Capo On Cam, after the pilot.