The following cartoons are ones that Pavel made drunk in College for purely shock value and attention. They contain incest, rape, bestiality and other fucked up shit. Because of these cartoons, he was banned from Goolge AdSense and had his original Junkyard Animations YouTube account disabled and deleted. He is ashamed of them, but he is a good man and has decided to own responsibility for every piece of artwork he's created. He has the, "own it!" mentality.

If anyone has a problem with Pavel animating a thought or idea that appears in his head, they can fuck right off. No one asked you to come to this website and look inside his head. No one asked you to Google these cartoons, or go on YouTube and watch his videos. Don't be a fucking bully, don't dissect these cartoons with negative intentions. If you accuse Pavel of having negative hidden messages or intentions, you are a bully and an abuser. Look in the damn mirror and give your head a shake. Now either go fuck yourself or enjoy the rest of the website. Please don't watch these cartoons, they are strictly here to make an example of Pavel Lubanski;