Awkward Imitators

We know we inspire people with our junk, but don't just blatantly rip us off dawg!

Junkyard Animations started releasing content in 2006.

We pitched to the Comedy Network twice, in 2007 and again in 2008..

In 2011 Google Adsense, Aniboom and YouTube shut down our accounts...

In 2011, our content started getting ripped off.

Awkward Man - introduced December 15th 2006 by us

Awkward Robot - introduced May 4th 2011 by South Park

STD's Pokemon Parody - released August 15th 2007

STD's Pokemon Parody - released September 8th 2011

Parking Ticket Prick - released September 24th 2007 by us

Meter Made - released October 7th 2007 by American Dad