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Rewarded $8000 from Facebook

The last big overhaul of was in 2013, when I was rewarded with $7500 US ($8000 CAN) for discovering a glitch with the Facebook messaging system. I reported the issue to their White Hat Bounty team when I discovered it and was paid within a few weeks.

I was testing computer software for the Department of National Defense at the time, so I needed full security and protection. I did have Secret Level clearance as well and didn't want to breech my own policies by my messages getting leaked.

I used the money to set up on a new hosting platform and renewed the domain. I started treating local actors, actresses and entertainers to drinks and food, in exchange for them to do voices for my animations and games. I had fun with it.

I had been legally blind, however I had laser eye surgery to correct my -9.5 prescribed vision eyes, so I paid off this debt with some of the bounty, as well as addressed other immediate debts and bills.

After lending money out to family and friends, partying and buying myself a brand new computer, the $8000 Facebook Bounty was blown within 2.5 months. :p

I was working two full-time jobs at the time, so I didn't need the extra money too urgently. My passion anyways, was always to make people laugh and feel comfortable. I was working a job as a software tester for the military and I was in the lumber department at Lowes. LOL. I was quite the wood stacker ;)

.. I've always been mental/physical ..


With being re-launched so quickly, and the website traffic returning to several hundred unique visitors per day, I was motivated, inspired and had new desire! I applied for a job at a local hot tech company that was worth millions. I accepted a low salary because of the opportunity and stocks. I was also nervous and had extreme levels of anxiety that they'd find out about my raunchy cartoons and try to make me feel uncomfortable at work or fire me.

The tech company was fucking phenomenal. They welcomed my weirdness with open arms and they quickly found out about my cartoons with simple google searches. These were smart cookies, and they were smart enough to understand my hidden meanings, my metaphors, crazy similes and cryptic dialect. They understood my random raps, outbursts, personalities and characters. I had found my new favourite outlet:)

Upper management started requesting that I create internal videos, animations and music videos to teach staff in an engaging way. I was asked to give training sessions, webinars, speeches and be a part of big stakeholder meetings, it was fucking surreal. I was out of my League. I was uncomfortable. I was loving it. I thrived in it. I left a big impact and reputation there. I helped profit the company millions and it's now a multi-billion dollar company. I was the bad boy and the Rockstar of this tech company. An absolute, timeless fucking Legend.

The company was also against judging people and judging their personal lives and social media..... at first. This was great for me, because I love running wild with my social media accounts. I have scattered audiences in the million (Newgrounds, Game Grumps, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, news outlets, tv, forums), so I need to cater to them accordingly and stay connected. A lot of people don't understand my methods, and they'll treat me in real life, or judge me in real life, based off how they think I am from social media. I am different in person, I am different professionally and I am different on social. Do NOT mix these up fuck!

I also speak differently in person than through text messages or online chats. People really need to know me, to understand me, however I can understand everyone. I've lived on Earth before. ;)

... why do you think my energy's timeless?

... why is my content timeless? and how can it contain such a high level of energy and make people feel a certain way?

I guess now we get to the point of the reason for the relaunch again. I have relaunched Junkyard Animations 5 times. First: the Junkyard website was shut down in 2006, due to high levels of traffic and me not paying enough for the bandwidth. I got my act together, inspired by the increased traffic. Second: the next relaunch was in 2011 after Google Adsense and YouTube banned and blacklisted my accounts, demonetizing me entirely. was featuring my content on it's homepage regularly, resulting in my content getting hundreds of thousands of views, some even hit a million. It was a no brainer to relaunch. I had to deal with work harassment at construction because they thought I was weird and didn't get my cartoons. The 26 000 fans that signed up on my website didn't complain though. Third: the relaunch in 2013 was from my dopamine rush and energy levels from the Facebook Bounty. Because JunkyardAnimations had been demonetized from Facebook and Google, I had to focus my time and energy on paying jobs. I didn't upkeep the website due to the lack of attention and funds. Fourth: Fuck Mr. Hatcher goes viral in 2017! A choose-your-own-adventure game that I created in 2008, where you play as a guy trying to have sex with his best friend's Dad, was featured on the Game Grumps YouTube channel, and received over half a million views the first weekend of it's release (no pun intended;)). This gave me an insane dopamine, anxiety, adrenaline and energy rush, which lasted several months. I got into insane shape and had the best six pack abs I had ever had. I was crushing goals in my personal life too. I could only sleep 4 hour nights I was so excited. That was a problem. LOL. My coworkers thought I was on drugs or had gone crazy haha. The Fuck Mr. Hatcher video now has 3.2 million views to date and the game itself has almost half a million plays on Newgrounds. It was a game I created almost a decade prior, so it proved to stand the true test of timeless.

2017 rolled on...

Work was going beyond superior. I was having conversations with a few hundred employees and clients per day, as well as building out projects and videos. I was networking outside of work and building out social media platforms, websites and content. I made more money in stocks than my annual salary that year, meaning it was the first year that I had officially made six figures!! XD (I wish I had a gf to impress lol:( )

I did have to sleep those 4 hour nights though... ':D .. working 16 hour days and gym twice a day.

I interviewed an employee for my team at work, as I was excitingly building everything out. During the interview we connected, they even brought up my animations and claimed to be the same Nationality as me:)

This employee later became my boss and admitted that they didn't know of me before, they had actually Googled me and saw my content. They used this to cater to me, during the interview. They then used this against me, at work. They also admitted that they weren't the same Nationality as me, and just went along with it. They also started judging and discouraging my social media and my work ethic.

I realized, that this person, was out to get me. :(

This employee that I had interviewed, who then became my boss, fired me.


Yup. This person fired me.  

The Epic Creator mastermind that connects with everyone and brings fun and growth and encouragement and motivation and awareness to all! Just cut my throat and call me Conky!

They forfeited my $14 000 in stocks, that I had just been given as a raise for being high impact. So fuck my $8000 Facebook Blog story. Never be jealous of any monetization I am capable of, be envious and learn from me. I only speak numbers because I'm insane with Math and I want to help others grow and go for the green. Speaking of green, I accumulated $60 000 within 2 months, investing in cannabis stocks from end of 2017 to beginning of 2018. I believe the spike and growth shall occur again... but when? My friend:)


This is the reason for the 5th relaunch of Junkyard Animations.

I'm fucking broke, my ego is shattered, (ego is actually insecurity by the way, which I have now addressed since seeing a Therapist) and now I have a chip on my shoulder and something to prove and lots of time and energy in my hands!! >:)

Also, I'm guilty for run on sentences and not being the best at spitting shit out, for being a Writer. :p Reason for this? My words appeal and speak to all. I speak in a dialect and slang, that only I can contain and maintain and ensure others do retain. I only act insane. ;)

That job was my passion. I had dedicated over half a decade to that company. Every Boss I had had left me high impact performance reviews. The day I was fired, my stocks that I got from Day 1, the 250 stocks valued at $4.22 a share, which grew to $550 a share by mid 2019... would have been worth $137 500.




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